Friday, 17 December 2010

QCon Talk Available Online

InfoQ have published the video of Martin and my talk from QCon.

A couple of quick apologies, I haven't done many videoed talks and I completely forgot the repeat the questions during the Q&A session.  Martin and I were alternating between each of the slides, so watching the video might make you a little bit sea-sick.


Amber said...

Any chance we can get the slides?

Michael Barker said...


RichB said...

Just this minute finished watching it! BTW - the obscured bit in the presentation - the tech du jour is "Rails"

Unknown said...

This presentation has blown me away. Using uncommon yet simple patterns to solve the rigorous low latency requirements of the financial exchanges. I have seen many scaling/low latency presentations from the likes of the mega tech's eg.. Google/Facebook, but this is the first which maps high level programming paradigms to low level machine constructs, great work!!

btw.. Would you have any recommendation on good books that provide more insight on programming high level yet thinking low level?

Michael Barker said...

@joshbaptiste, if there was a book that covered this area well I would certainly own it! Most books I've read tend to focus on a single layer or technology. The only book I've read that mixes design and performance at all is The Art of SQL and that only tackles database development.

This is part of the reason we talked about disrupting peoples thinking, encouraging developers to think from the top to the bottom. If it's not possible to see how the high-level design relates to the low-level performance profile, then there's too much complexity and a need to simplify.